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Your Feet Will Thank You for Wearing Vionic’s Stylish, Podiatrist-Approved Sneakers


An all-black sneaker has the versatility for everyday wear, without having to worry about scuff and dirt marks.Vionic’s Morris active sneaker received the APMA Seal of Acceptance for promoting quality foot health.These lightweight sneakers won’t weigh down your work backpack, gym bag, or carry-on luggage as you make your daily moves.

JANUARY IS one hell of a month. Between your New Year's fitness resolutions and your busy, post-holiday season work schedule, the new decade is off to a running start with what’s bound to be your most active month of the year. And a hardcore month of pounding the pavement (and gym mats) requires round-the-clock comfortable footwear. Unlike the “suits” of yesteryear, men are no longer damned to only sport uncomfortable, unsupportive formal footwear to the office. Sure, we love our bold Jordans for weekend wear and our futuristic running shoes with tiny foam beads to sprint into action, but the real game changers of the sneaker world are the minimalist sneakers that are versatile for all occasions—from cocktail to casual. Finally, you can recover from your early morning workout and not find yourself limping by the office water cooler in pain—at least not because of your footwear choice.

The perfect everyday, all-day sneaker needs to provide unmatched comfort, feel lightweight enough to haul around without causing back pain, and look stylish enough to avoid a side-eye glare from your boss or clients. Well, we found it, and best of all, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg—it’s Vionic's Morris Active sneaker.

This Sneaker Is Podiatrist-Approved With the APMA Seal of Acceptance.

YES, A simple leather sneaker might be a tad more fitting for an uptight, mahogany-clad executive office, but for most average Joes, this sleek sneaker with a touch of sporty detailing has the stealth style needed to impress, without overwhelming the eye. Most importantly, this sneaker is podiatrist-approved with American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

To earn the coveted seal, the Morris Active sneaker had to be reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists—from evidence of quality control procedures to research documentation—to ensure the sneaker promotes quality foot health. If you’re familiar with Vionic, this shouldn’t come as a shock considering the company began with the work of podiatrist Phillip Vasyli. The brand’s on-going pursuit of “science-approved style” has made them a go-to destination for men seeking fashionable-yet-comfortable footwear. And judging by the high praise in the reviews section, Vionic clearly didn’t disappoint with their Morris style.

“My husband had shooting pain going down his leg and was seeing doctors to help him deal with this pain,” one customer wrote. “I was buying Vionic shoes for myself and decided to get a pair for him to try. Within one week his pain was gone. He calls them his miracle shoes.”

Miracle? More like innovative biomechanical technology, but this reviewer wasn’t the only one who was seriously impressed with the high-quality sneaker. There are a number of reviewers suffering with Plantar Fasciitis and other foot-related issues that commended Vionic for the Morris sneaker’s function and style.

SPEAKING OF style, the Morris Active sneaker has just the right amount of flair to standout in a crowd of boring basics. While the all-black sneaker keeps a low profile for your daily moves, upon closer look, you’ll notice the mesh upper provides a textural touch to keep things interesting (and breathable!). But the element of surprise comes in the form of bold blue bungee cord.

The elastic cord provides a great hold to secure your foot with an original look. Whether you’re wearing your athleisure best or sophisticated tailored chinos, this sneaker instantly elevates your wardrobe essentials, but manages to avoid overpowering your classic style. It’s essentially the best combination of lively and subtle style for men of all ages.

Rubber and Neoprene Makes These Sneakers Extremely Lightweight

DON'T LET the thick outsole fool you. These kicks are incredibly lightweight, thanks to the material mashup of neoprene and durable rubber. Whether you’re running around town with your pre- and post-workout gear, or lugging them in your weekender for a quick overnight trip, these stunners feel as light as a feather, making them ideal for all your travels. Overpackers, rejoice: These lightweight sneakers won’t cost you an extra penny or the dreaded last-minute luggage shuffle to meet TSA weight restrictions. Toss them in any bag and you’re good to go with versatile sneakers that have the support you need.

Even though January means it’s back to the daily grind, you can at least give your feet the vacation they desperately need from your 9-to-5 lace-ups. Out-of-Oxfords feels just as good as being out-of-office.

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