Innovative Foot Care

Podiatry Services: Offering On Site Testing in both our Georgetown and Cedar Park locations.

We pride ourselves in using a compassionate approach to treatment for our patients.  Sometimes, more testing is required and we are able to offier these diagnositc and innovatve tests, on-site.


Innovative Diagnostic Tools

We use the latest technology to assist in diagnosing your symptoms; including High Tech Digital X-Rays that process in seconds as well as Ultrasound to assess for tendon inflammation, soft tissue injuries and guide to administer injections. 

Vascular Testing

This test is utilized to assess for circulation to your feet, especially if you are diabetic, previous or current smoker, constant cramping in legs, poor wound healing to your feet, constant cold feet and/or change in appearance of toe color.

What to expect?

This testing can be done in office in under 30 minutes. Blood pressure type cuffs perform measurements of circulation

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