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Pediatric Foot Care

Pediatric Podiatrists in Cedar Park 

We find that Children often suffer from the very same Foot, Ankle & Heel pain we experience as adults.  From pains that your child may outgrow to more serious problems, Central Texas Foot Specialists can help your little one get back to what they love.  If you are noticing any issues in your child's foot, ankle, heel, have him or her evaluated by our caring staff.  We aim to provide innovative and compassionate care to all of our patients. 

Flat Feet

Most babies are born with flat feet and develop arches as they grow; however with some children, the arch doesn't fully develop. This causes discomfort and pain in their feet.  Parents will describe their child as having "weak ankles".  Or they may notice that their child's feet appear to turn inward when the feet are planted.  Usually, Flat feet in young children do not cause long term problems.   If your child is exhibiting foot pain, bring them in so we can provide a full evaluation and put your mind at ease.   

Piegon Toes or In-Toeing

Pigeon toes, or intoeing, describes a condition where the toes turn in while walking or running and it's more commonly seen in children.  In most cases, children grow out of it before reaching their teen years when they develop better coordination and muscle control. 

If you are concerned about your children's gait, schedule a consultation with our professionals.  

Toe Walking

This is a quite common condition as toddlers learn to walk. It tends to go away by age 3, but can last a bit longer in some children. Parents should not be concerned over occasional toe walking; however if it happens most or all of the time, your child should see a Podiatrist.  This condition could be linked to things like autism, muscle weakness or nervous system disorders.  Physical therapy to strengthen their calf musles and Achilles tendon can be all your child needs to get back on the right foot!

Other Common Pediatric Foot Conditions

Ensuring that your child's feet are in the best health will ensure that they will prevent major foot problems in adulthood. Children's feet are at a critical stage of develpment and many foot ailments cna be prevented.  Whatever the issue, our experts can help. 


Club Foot

Flat Feet

Freiberg's Disease 

Gordon's Symdrome

High Arches 

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