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Pediatric Heel & Ankle Care

Pediatric Podiatrists in Cedar Park 

We find that Children often suffer from the very same Foot, Ankle & Heel pain we experience as adults.  From Heel & Ankle pains that your child may outgrow to more serious problems,  We can even help your child with Ankle Sprains & Fractures. 


Central Texas Foot Specialists can help your little one get back to what they love.  If you are noticing any issues in your child's foot, ankle, heel, have him or her evaluated by our caring staff.  We aim to provide innovative and compassionate care to all of our patients. 

Heel Pain (Sever's Disease)

While growing pains are common in childhood, your child's bones can sometimes grow faster than their muslces  This can cause strain on foot muscles and tendons.   If your child is complaining of heel pain, it could be a result of Sever's Disease. 


This is commonly a spontaneous pain and likely due to a growth plate injury in the heel bone. It's most common in kids 8-15 and more common in boys than girls. Sports where your child wears cleats can often exasperate the problem.  Another achilles tendonitis (inflammation in the tendon attached to the heel) can pull on the growth plate causing heel pain.  

If your child is exhibiting these problems, bring them by for an evaluation.  They may require custom-made shoe inserts, stretching exercises, or anti-inflammatory medication. 

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Image by Ben Hershey
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