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Pediatric Podiatry Services

Leading Podiatrists Georgetown

We find that Children often suffer from the very same Foot, Ankle & Heel pain we experience as adults.  From pains that your child may outgrow to more serious problems, Central Texas Foot Specialists can help your little one get back to what they love.  If you are noticing any issues in your child's foot, ankle, heel, have him or her evaluated by our caring staff.  We aim to provide innovative and compassionate care to all of our


Our podatrists are experts in Foot & Ankle pain for both children and adults.  Our philosophy is to keep you active and mobile and surgery is a last resort option.  


Rest assured, you and your child will be well cared for at Central Texas Foot Specialist.  Visit one of our conveniently located offices in Georgetown, Texas.

Pediatric Heel Pain

Sever's Disease​

Pediatric Foot Care

Pediatric Flat Feet​

Piegon Toes

Toe Walking

Pediatric Sprains & Swelling

Pediatric Ankle Care

Pediatric Sprains​ & Swelling

Pediatric Fractures

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