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If your children have complained about issues or discomfort in their feet, they may be dealing with one of the many common foot problems kids tend to have. This is something that should be addressed by a podiatrist in Bellevue who has the knowledge to deal with common foot issues in kids.

Pediatric Foot Problems

When a child complains about foot discomfort, not every complaint may be caused by a real problem. However, some of the issues are legitimate so you need to understand what some of the common food conditions are, such as:

Ankle Sprains – If your child only has a sprained ankle, this is generally good news. Anything else could mean that the ankle is broken and they could be in for a long, painful recovery. The RICE protocol (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) is usually very helpful in case of a sprain. Using this in conjunction with over-the-counter pain medication or anti-inflammatories may be suggested as well.

Corns/Calluses – This is a condition often confused with a wart, which is something that could have a broken blood vessel inside them. A wart is usually more common than corns or calluses in kids

Overpronation – If it seems like your child’s ankles are bending inward while walking or standing, they could be dealing with overpronation. When this condition leads to discomfort, your child may benefit from supports or custom orthotics.

Flat Feet – Many parents will complain that their child has flat feet when they simply have flexible flat feet that do not necessarily need treatment. However, rigid flat feet should be addressed by a podiatrist in Bellevue to get the right level of treatment.

Sweaty Feet – Lots of kids will have sweaty feet. The problem is that this can also lead to a number of other foot conditions. Some children with excessively sweaty feet may cause them to change out their socks several times per day, so it may be best to try out absorbent insoles or socks that have moisture wicking properties.

Foot Odor – Smelly feet could point to another issue like foot fungus or some sort of bacterial infection. Letting something like this go for too long could lead to an uncomfortable rash or a worse infection. It is important to see a professional podiatrist to have a proper diagnosis and plan for treatment.

Juvenile Plantar Dermatosis – This condition is sometimes confused with Athlete’s foot because the symptoms are similar, which include scaling skin and redness of the toes and feet.

Bunions/Bunionettes – Kids can sometimes get a bunion at the base of their big toe. If it occurs at the base of the little toe, this uncomfortable bump is referred to as a bunionette.

Heel Pain – With kids that are active, there can sometimes be a pain in the heels. This condition sometimes comes on from sports activities or overuse.

Ingrown Toenails – Some pre-teens and teenagers may end up developing ingrown toenails after cutting their toenails too short or picking at them. This is a condition that can be uncomfortable or even infected if not cared for properly.

Regardless of the type of foot condition in your child, you want to have quality treatment options. Visiting the podiatrists at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic will help you to get some insight as to what is going on with your child’s feet. With a consultation. you will have the chance to get a proper diagnosis and professional treatment options to get some lasting relief for your child.

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