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Four reasons why Foot Care is Important

Source: HealthBytes; Written by Poornima Pandey

Our feet are one of the most important and hardworking parts of our body and taking care of them should be integral in our daily routine. Apart from balancing body weight and walking, feet go through a lot of exertion due to extensive activity on a regular basis. However, feet are also among the most neglected body parts.

Here's why foot care is important.

#1: Basic cleaning to prevent skin infection due to retained moisture

If we do not clean our feet on a regular basis, then the skin around our toenails can easily fall prey to bacterial and fungal infections. This is due to the retention of moisture, water, sweat, and dirt. The simple solution to eliminate this problem is to spend a few extra minutes in the shower and perform a basic cleaning and pedicure session.

#2: Exercise, give proper rest, prevent joint and nerve issues

A lot of people tend to perform intense physical movements that may lead to overexertion of their limbs. As a result, it can pretty much develop pain due to constricted nerves and muscles. It is important to give proper rest to the limbs and do regular exercises for muscle flexibility to ensure smooth functioning of your feet and prevent conditions like hammertoe.

#3: Regular cleaning necessary to prevent toenail related conditions

Some people may just ignore the importance of regularly cleaning and maintaining their toenails. For them, it's the least of their worries. However, if we fail to trim our toenails and clean them on a regular basis, it can lead to some serious complications such as ingrown toenails and infections such as toenail fungus. These may cause extreme pain and swelling in the feet.

#4: Diabetic people need extra care

If someone is suffering from Type I or II diabetes, then it is extremely important for them to get regular foot checks. If sugar levels are higher than usual, it can lead to some risky circulatory problems in some parts of the body. In such cases, the feet usually don't receive proper blood flow. This can cause ulcers and infections that require feet amputation.

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