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Back-to-School Foot Pain

Source: Foot Health Facts,

After wearing flip-flops all summer, students head back to school with pain.

These days, the sounds of back-to-school season include the virtual ringing of school bells and the clicks of the at home chrome books and laptops. Flip-flops are the summer footwear of choice for many students. But while these sandals are inexpensive and stylish, they do not cushion or support the foot, leading to problems. After wearing flip-flops all summer, some students will head back to school and back to sports with foot pain and even injuries. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) reminds parents and students that foot pain isn't normal and can be reduced or eliminated.

People often do not realize that even into your midteens, new bone is growing in your heel. Flip-flops do not cushion the heel, so repetitive stress from walking can inflame that heel bone growth area and cause pain and tenderness.

Heel pain and arch pain rank among the most common complaints among students who wear flip-flops. Other flip-flop feet problems students can take back to school include inflammation of the Achilles tendon, painful pinched nerves, sprained ankles, broken or sprained toes, cuts and scrapes, plantar warts, Athlete's foot and callus buildup on the heels and toes.

Foot and ankle specialilasts or surgeons can usually reduce or eliminate students' foot pain with simple treatment methods, including stretching exercises, ice massage, anti-inflammatory medications and custom shoe inserts.

Back-to-school season will always be painful for some students, but it need not involve foot pain.  Schedule an appointment at Central Texas Foot Specialist to stay pain free all School Season long!

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