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Foot Care in Georgetown 

Innovative & Compassionate Foot & Ankle Treatment for Ages 2-100

Podiatry Services

At Central Texas Foot Specialist, we are a Podiatric Private Practice that focuses on helping patients of all ages achieve optimal foot and ankle health and maintain comfortable feet. We believe our Podiatry Services should be compassionate, conservative care for Foot & Ankle pain.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple. We are committed to offering conservative podiatric medicine in a caring atmosphere with the patient's needs, treatment and outcome being the highest priority. 

Innovative Treatment

At Central Texas Foot Specialist, we are able to offer innovative diagnostic techniques.  This allows us to get to the bottom of your Foot & Ankle pain from the start of your visit.  This way, we can offer conservative treatment right away and help you get back to living pain free. 

Our Promise

Every day, people choose Central Texas Foot Specialist for treatment on their foot and ankle pain.   We understand that YOU are the focus of each appointment.  Our goal is to find a solution that will get you back to walking, running, playing with your kids, working and living pain free!


Our doctors pride themselves on receiving intense training in surgical and non-surgical treatments of the foot and ankle.  Most of our patients choose us because of our modern approach to injuries, fractures and chronic tendinopathy.  By staying on top of innovative treatment, we can offer our patients the best Foot & Ankle treatment available.  

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